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  • Next year, Rodney... October 11, 2018
    I was watching an episode of Only Fools and Horses on Sunday evening. Del Boy always believes they have a business idea certain to make them a fortune. Of course, we all know that isn’t the case. It got me …
    Ian Sterritt
  • M-Sport: leading the innovation race at Wales GB Rally October 4, 2018
    Thousands of years ago, potters made their marks, drew them, or cut them onto their products, and took them to market on the backs of donkeys. The sign on the outside told you where your pot came from and who …
    Dan Anthony
  • When I grow up September 24, 2018
    How things have changed. When I was a lad, (ok, it was many moons ago) me and my mates had aspirations of being footballers, pilots or astronauts. For today’s 4 to 16 year olds, the dream career choices include YouTube …
    Gary Townley
  • Trade marks: the good, the bad and the registrable September 14, 2018
    It’s funny how the meaning of words change over time. Who would have thought that calling something bad would actually mean it was good. When Michael Jackson released his 'Bad' album back in 1987, I don’t think he actually meant …
    Gary Townley
  • Take the biscuit August 24, 2018
    Biscuits are important. Estimates vary, but the UK sweet biscuit market is reckoned to be worth around £2 billion a year (source: FT). Competitors debate the speed at which the market is growing, but rest assured, if you are reading …
    Dan Anthony
  • Plymouth Library visits Patlib 2018 August 15, 2018
    It is always exciting to visit a new city, meet new people, and to learn new things. My trip to the European patlib (patent library) conference in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, combined all three very successfully. Representatives from patlibs …
    Melanie Rawles
  • Sun, sea, fake free August 9, 2018
    Changing perceptions and attitudes to buying fake goods is difficult. Highlighting the risk and harm associated with fake products to consumers is a good place to start. The criminal networks producing counterfeit goods don’t care for the consequences behind their …
    Helen Barnham
  • Applying to work at the IPO August 2, 2018
    The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is an awesome place to work - no wonder you’re thinking of applying here. Applying for any job can be a daunting and intimidating experience but applying for a role in a government department can …
    Lloyd Bayliss
  • Driving for change: counterfeit car parts July 30, 2018
    Vehicle crime has come a long way since the first highwaymen hijacked coaches on the turnpike roads surrounding 17th century London. At the time, the new form of robbery appeared rather glamorous, as William Powell Frith’s painting of Claude Duval, …
    Dan Anthony
  • New Designers: the future is there for the taking July 25, 2018
    Graduating from University can be a daunting prospect. Suddenly you need to think about how you are going to survive in the real world. Questions I remember asking myself were: How much does rent cost when you’re not living with …
    Rebecca Trussell
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