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  • IP and the intangible economy March 20, 2018
    Investment in intangible assets is becoming increasingly important in the modern economy. When we think of business investment, we often think of physical assets such as buildings and vehicles. However, spending on intangible assets that you can’t see or touch …
    Sam Turnock
  • Pressing for progress at the IPO March 12, 2018
    Last week, around the world, we celebrated International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. As a Civil Service newbie and a feminist, I was interested to see what the IPO has …
    Rebecca Trussell
  • Patents…they’re snow joke! March 6, 2018
    What an eventful few days it’s been – I’ve not seen so much snow for a long time! I don’t know about you but getting snowed in was like Christmas all over again. I spent the weekend watching films in …
    Paula Davy
  • Celebrating LGBT History Month at the IPO February 26, 2018
    Every February in the UK we celebrate LGBT History Month. This is a chance for us to reflect on how far we’ve come in terms of LGBT rights and acceptance in the world, but also how far we still have …
    Megan Pascoe
  • Valentine's. A day of opportunity for counterfeiters February 14, 2018
    Valentine’s Day is approaching a £1 billion industry, with most of our affection shown with gifts and presents. Ironically, in 2013 counterfeiting attributed to almost £9.3 billion in illicit imports, with almost half intended for the secondary market. Why am I …
    Tom Matthews
  • Baby, it’s really, really cold outside! February 13, 2018
    I love a good frosty morning – the air is so crisp and clear.  But the downside to this is having to stand out in the cold to de-ice the car. With temperatures set to plummet over the next few …
    Sarah Combstock
  • 'Meet The Malwares' - keeping children safe online February 6, 2018
    Children are spending more time online than ever before and are starting to use technology and engage with social media at an increasingly young age. By the time they are teenagers, behaviours are often entrenched and it becomes harder to …
    Liz Bales
  • How IP helped create the ultimate rock 'n' roll brand January 29, 2018
    I was brought up in a music-loving household. Aside from the huge walnut radiogram in the front room, where crackling old 45s from Elvis or Buddy Holly were played, my Dad also had a National Panasonic SG-2080L Music Centre he …
    Jason Pawlin
  • IPO in the West Midlands January 18, 2018
    The West Midlands has a rich history of industry and great inventions. So as part of the government’s modern industrial strategy, the Business Support Policy Team at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) work closely with partners in the region to …
    Ben Kirsch
  • New (and simple!) online IP guidance for business January 11, 2018
    As manager of the IPO's Business Outreach team, the most important part of our role is helping people understand their intellectual property (IP). Further to this, we demonstrate how IP can play a significant part in building a successful business. …
    Mike Bastin
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